Designs with past rustic village style brings back to the past 60s.The cat musicians in playful and..
HK$1,328 HK$996

Seven frames combined together as a frame wallCan be hanged horizontally or vertically  Di..
HK$2,593 HK$1,946

The vintage scooter has appeared in books, films, or television programs This model is gl..

Three styles of pattern for selection Collapsible for easily storageIntentionally charred edge ..

A replica of the famous bronze fan produced in 1925 With vintage patterns and colors, this mode..

This 1884 model telephone is the origin for Paris Eiffel tower The phone dialing zone is ..
HK$3,448 HK$3,103

The idea of design is originated by the model of telephone in 1893 With extremely meticul..

Vintage style with a natural and hand-made feeling and textureCan directly use water to clean as col..

Unique design with leaves growing out from withered vines is full of vitalityVery steady and stable ..

Collocating with patterned wallpaper and other decoration in styles is suggested  In..
HK$1,328 HK$1,196

Contains two colors, ivory white and olive green for selection  With vintage carving..

The wall decoration is mainly made with wood and hemp ropes Traces of corrosion on surfac..

Intentionally antiqued work to create traces and rough surface of the plate Large variety..

The wooden borders are high density wood materialsAdopt retro antiqued processes, including brushing..

A Retrospect of our one of a kind items from the Famous Vintage Decades
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