The birds and butterfly patterns are lively and vitalWith elegant blue and wavy edge which create a ..

Gives elegant and retro feeling when hanging in homeCan be used as wall decorations with the hook fu..
HK$933 HK$698

This 1884 model telephone is the origin for Paris Eiffel tower The phone dialing zone is ..
HK$3,448 HK$3,103

Horn handset for this 1919 Imperial Scepter model is an indispensable classic  Dime..
HK$2,496 HK$2,246

Rusting effect with texture stimulating wood Strong industrial style that is retro ..
HK$1,263 HK$948

Mediterranean-style with vivid colors brings out vital feeling to your home Two drawers w..

This set of 2 jars with birds and flowers painted on it is full of rustic styleBird outfit on the c..
HK$2,413 HK$2,173

Geometry shapes of mirror on the door which gives out luxurious feeling  Proper size..

Delicate plum flower vase painting on the cabinet Complicated handcraft work with 3..
HK$13,166 HK$11,853

White color creates a warm and simple styleFine carving of birds and nests with resinWeight: 0.6 kg ..

Seven frames combined together as a frame wallCan be hanged horizontally or vertically  Di..
HK$2,593 HK$1,946

Exquisite details of the crave of the hornThe lively facial expression makes this deer ornament ali..
HK$1,968 HK$1,773

These tinplate cap patterns wall ornaments contain five styles of designs Estimating the ..
HK$653 HK$588

Made by high-quality charcoal fir  Can be used as display menu, notice board o..

Contains four types of animals in each colors There are four colors choice for selection  ..
HK$993 HK$893

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