Keeps your memories about this classical brand of beer   Dimensions (each piece):..

Contains three styles, vector patterned, vintage style with roman numbers and the vintage s..

A set of 2 wall decorations that is mainly made with wood, resin and hemp ropes Mediterra..
HK$1,948 HK$1,753

Uneven painting is normal in hand-painting Pure style of white color of the whole pieceWeight :..

Suitable to use as decoration of bars Imperfect surface is normal for tinplate ..

Facilitate you to create a romantic atmosphereUnique shape with special attention paid to the cravi..

The idea of design is originated by the model of telephone in 1893 With extremely meticul..

With several handcrafted antiqued steps such as varnishing, polishing for the natural effectsUnique..
HK$1,576 HK$1,183

Old-fashioned style with appropriate antique workColor mix creates peaceful and relaxing atmospher..
HK$1,328 HK$1,196

Aircraft modelling creates industrial feelingVery steady and stable base that prevents skewingQuartz..

Grey-blue painting with strong antiqued work to provoke vintage feeling Color combi..
HK$3,968 HK$2,976

With different complex steps of antique techniques to ensure the product quality  Hi..

Unique design with 3 butterflies on sheet musicSublimate poetic and vital feeling Weight: 0.3 k..

Intentionally hand-crafted to create a vintage feelingAntiqued work including grey tone coloring and..

A Retrospect of our one of a kind items from the Famous Vintage Decades
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