Contains four types of animals in each colors There are four colors choice for selection  ..
HK$993 HK$893

Classical shape of vase with single-handle Only can used to insert decorative flowe..

Seven frames combined together as a frame wallCan be hanged horizontally or vertically  Di..
HK$2,593 HK$1,946

Colorful painting that looks funny and cool Painting creates a sense of sexy and el..

With class brown and bronze colors which is graceful and stylish  With crocodile str..

Horn handset for this 1919 Imperial Scepter model is an indispensable classic  Dime..
HK$2,496 HK$2,246

Old-fashioned style with appropriate antique workColor mix creates peaceful and relaxing atmospher..
HK$1,328 HK$1,196

Three sizes are provided for selectionContains a small suitcase and a practical luggage in a setWith..
HK$2,818 HK$2,116

Golden color of iron with rusts sublimate vintage styleA perfect integration of traditional hand-cra..
HK$1,476 HK$1,328

The idea of design is originated by the model of telephone in 1893 With extremely meticul..

Smooth and quiet running of the pointersThe colors of the painting are not easy to fadeRusting is no..
HK$2,226 HK$2,013

Simple but eat-catching style to brighten up your place Imperfect surface is normal..

Gives elegant and retro feeling when hanging in homeCan be used as wall decorations with the hook fu..
HK$933 HK$698

Contains four colors for selection  Suitable size for decorating your home!   ..

Double-decker buses are originated from England and are regarded as precious cultureThree-dimensiona..

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