Nordic Modern elegant lifestyleGives elegant and retro feeling when hanging in homeVery steady and s..

Designed with rustic style and country housing colorsWith rough matter texture and exquisite carvi..
HK$2,513 HK$2,263

Contains two gorgeous styles, bronze rose patterned and brown butterfly patterned for selec..

Capable to hold different shapes of candles Can fit with Nordic, simple and neo-classical ..
HK$426 HK$320

Imitating casting materials with dark brown colors and meticulous details.The spiritual mule deer s..
HK$1,696 HK$1,273

Horn handset for this 1916 Royal Sabre model is an indispensable classic Detailed logo carvings..

Full of natural and countryside sensationCan be a decoration or a giftSuperb pattern carving on m..

Contains two sizes for selection Can be used as display props, decoration or a prac..

Facilitate you to create a romantic atmosphere in candlelight dinner Luxurious design wit..

With unique shaping, the bowl is suitable for holding fruits or salad Imperfect sur..

Hand-painted lively patterns Black painting of the back will never fadeButterflies and combinat..
HK$2,416 HK$2,176

Using dumb oil painting to make the color more comfortable to look at Interesting c..

Uneven painting is normal in hand-painting Pure style of white color of the whole pieceWeight :..

Keeps your memories about this classical brand of beer   Dimensions (each piece):..

Modern design of numbers on the clockWith a large size of 32 inchesDurable and tough as made of high..
HK$2,546 HK$2,293

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