Strong Country Style with antiqued rendering Retro bird pattern with dynamic and athletic styli..

With deliberately handcrafted antiqued effects With glamorous black and elegant gold colorsHan..

Reliefs on the surface of the photo frame creating strong three-dimensional effect The co..

The painting is made with Wooden MDFHeavy antiqued work is done to produce the vintage feelingThe m..

Luxurious style with delicate carvingsVery Practical, can be used as ashtray, storage for jewelries ..

Telephone line is produced with high-quality resin Only function as traditional tel..

Contains three suitcases in a set  Purely handcrafted seaming of the high-quality sy..

With meticulous carving of the peace eagle on the base partMade by genuine oak and high-quality zinc..

Facilitate you to create a romantic atmosphereUnique shape with special attention paid to the cravi..

Can functioned as storage box or wall decoration The oceanic style box creates an e..

There are two styles, metallic simple style and gearwheels style for selectionSimple metallic design..

Modern design of numbers on the clockWith a large size of 32 inchesDurable and tough as made of high..
HK$2,546 HK$2,293

With linen ribbon for hanging Contain four frames in different sizes and colors as a setWith in..

Stimulating vintage style posters, slogans and advertisements Tinplate painting is ..
HK$936 HK$843

A Retrospect of our one of a kind items from the Famous Vintage Decades
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