Sets of metal pendants will be included for installation Painted by experts with ov..
HK$3,498 HK$3,148

Contains two colors, ivory white and olive green for selection  With vintage carving..

Rocking horse is a childhood memory of happiness and enjoyment in the merry-go-round.This sculpture..

Musical notes outfit that is elegant and artistic Imperfect surface is normal for h..

The painting is produced by MDF environmental-friendly frame, HD water-proof canvas and high d..

Contains two sizes for selection Can be used as photography props, decorations or a..

Buck Rabbit SittingDimensions: (L) 10 cm x (W) 10 cm x (H) 19 cmWeight: 0.32 kg (0.47 kg in package)..

This set of 2 jars with birds and flowers painted on it is full of rustic styleBird outfit on the c..
HK$2,413 HK$2,173

Telephone line is produced with high-quality resin Only function as traditional tel..

Delicate plum flower vase painting on the cabinet Complicated handcraft work with 3..
HK$13,166 HK$11,853

Floral patterns on the frame that look rustic Match well when hanging small stuff ..
HK$1,746 HK$1,573

There are two styles, metallic simple style and gearwheels style for selectionSimple metallic design..

Using dumb oil painting to make the color more comfortable to look at Interesting c..

Antiqued work on the edge and black and white photo sublimate vintage feeling Imperfect ..

Intentionally antiqued work to create traces and rough surface of the plate Large variety..

A Retrospect of our one of a kind items from the Famous Vintage Decades
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