Rocking horse is a childhood memory of happiness and enjoyment in the merry-go-round.This sculpture..

Light blue gradient wishful butterfly floral pattern on the cabinet Antiqued white ..
HK$17,763 HK$13,323

Contains two sizes for selection Made by rough wood material  With hanger which can be h..
HK$733 HK$663

Antiqued work on the edge and black and white photo sublimate vintage feeling Imperfect ..

Scrubbing surface that is slightly anti-water Can be placed on surface or hanged on..

Antiqued work, including glazed and cracking effects on surface Rusting and traces ..

With classical royal design showing its gorgeous High-quality wood material are use..
HK$1,528 HK$1,146

Uneven coloring is normal in ceramics productThe patterns on bird and flower echo with each other to..

Warm and lovely cats made by high quality ironCareful antiqued work prevents from color wearing offW..

Black and golden, white and back styles to choose from Simple but stylish design to..

Grey-blue painting with strong antiqued work to provoke vintage feeling Color combi..
HK$3,968 HK$2,976

Made with dumb oil scrubbing technique   Dimensions (each piece): (L) 30 cm x (W)..
HK$838 HK$756

Quiet running of the clock pointersNever lose color and can be directly washed by waterSimple design..

The wooden surface is not smoothly-painted but with matte effect Detailed antiqued ..

A Retrospect of our one of a kind items from the Famous Vintage Decades
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